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Chris "Tiffer" Berry


"I began making utterly ridiculous videos on YouTube around 10 years ago. I used to force my friends to act for me and it was so much fun! Fast forward to today and i’m actively producing commercial content as a career and there’s honestly nothing else i’d rather do.


Coming up with this idea with Alex has been so much fun. I’ve enjoyed every second of creating this festival and I really hope it helps inspire some creativity during this unfortunate time"- Chris

Alexander Blackburn


"I have been a filmmaker since college back in the day and have been making all kinds of content since then. 

When Chris & I had this idea we thought it could just all be about fun, but more recently we have realised that it means more to us and we have been full steam ahead...just without the iceberg"- Alex

Nadia Gladys.png
Nadia Gladys

Content Curator

"I have a creative soul and have interests in all creative outlets. I like to put the pieces together and love and appreciate the storytelling aspect of filmmaking and its what I want to delve into more as a filmmaker" - Nadia

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