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Create a 1-3 minute short film about anything

2021 Theme - "MOOD". You can interpret this anyway that your filmmaking creativity takes you.


Must be shot inside your home and only with people inside your household


Free to enter


Open to anyone and any age


Feel free to share your entries online such as instagram, youtube and facebook and tag us @IsolationFilmFestival, #IsolationFilmFestival and #StayCreativeStayHome


You must send a downloadable link for your entry to


Entries open from April 1st 2020 and will close on the 31st May, midnight, GMT.


For full terms and conditions click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include exterior shots?

If you can acquire those shots while remaining safely on your property (such as in your garden) and not breaking any rules or laws around isolation or social distancing, that is fine. For example if you were to stand in your front garden and film a shot of your front door, that’s absolutely fine. You would not be able to walk down the street and film an establishing shot of your street.


Can I include shots captured while out exercising or shopping?

No, other than imagery captured within the confines of your property (such as your garden, or land you own) you are not allowed to use imagery captured elsewhere. For example, if you were able to stand out on your balcony and film a shot of an empty street, this is fine. If you were to film a shot of an empty street while out for a jog, this is not acceptable.


What if i’m isolating elsewhere and not at home?

You can create your entry wherever you are isolating, we are using the term “home” as that is where most people are isolating. As long as you’re safely isolated and stay on/inside where you are located, that is absolutely fine.


Can I upload my entry to YouTube/Facebook/Other Social Media?

Absolutely, share your videos out everywhere, just be sure to tag us or send us a link so that we can see it to! And make sure you’ve sent us a downloadable link (to or your entry won’t count!


Can I enter more than once?

Absolutely! Enter as many times as you like, the whole aim is to just be creative!

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